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The Blank Canvas - Hacking Nature Review

The Blank Canvas - Hacking Nature is an application by The Blank Canvas. The Blank Canvas - Hacking Nature was first published on . It is currently available on the following platforms: Steam.

About This Video

The most disruptive ideas of our time exist in the intersection of biotech and information tech.
Things like dna editing and “3d-printing”, or, hack HIV viruses and -other viruses- to treat diseases like cancer, and also to deliver genes to specific tissues of our bodies with high precision and specificity. In mice, beyond treating cancer, alzheimer and other chronic diseases, that means restoring hearing, vision, bone marrow integrity and even changing hair color.
Some of those technologies are saving lives today, and could save more, but awareness about them is small amongst the general public and even practitioners and researchers - and we need better informed patients, more researchers and scientists to develop those emergent fields, resulting in more clinical trials, saving more lives.
But the concepts behind all of those remarkable breakthroughs and technologies, like CRISPR and Cas9 for instance, remain really hard to grasp, to understand, using traditional media formats like text, images and even videos, because those innovations happen in scales so small we can barely understand, let alone visualise and experience in rich context.

Better tools to visualise complex scientific concepts are needed.
VR was made for scientific content. It’s a deeper, smarter, sexier, catchier and more efficient way of communicating science.

VR also allows you to understand the big picture that's impossible to translate with traditional mediums like images and even video. Without VR, you can never show a virus and a t-cell for example in scale, as if you show the whole cell the virus will be just a tiny dot, and if you zoom in to see the virus in detail you loose the cell (it grows outside the borders of the screen).
In VR, you are able to see both, as you're not constrained to a tiny screen. The cell can be gigantic while the virus is rendered in detail in front of you.

We're inviting you to engage with those remarkable technologies and let you know that you too can understand, and potentially contribute, helping solve real world problems, using those awesome technologies that are available to us to make a difference, impact lives and change the world. You can, and we believe you will.

Cheers for not going gentle into that good night, 
Now you go and do the evolution!

The Blank Canvas - Hacking Nature

4.2 / 5

The Blank Canvas - Hacking Nature Logo
Author: The Blank Canvas
Size: 50 MB available space

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