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FaceRig Pro Upgrade Review

FaceRig Pro Upgrade is an application developed by Holotech Studios. FaceRig Pro Upgrade was first published on . The app is available on Steam, Other.

About This Content

The FaceRig Pro DLC is designed for people who wish to earn ad-based money by posting FaceRig generated content online.

The differences between the basic version and the Pro DLC are:
  • with FaceRig Classic, you are allowed to monetize videos on YouTube/Twitch or similar only as long as the commercial aspect of it is not significant. We consider commercially significant using it on any avenue (channel) that produces you more than $500 monthly revenue. This includes ad-based revenue and voluntary donations (one time or recurrent such as a Patreon). If you are under this threshold you can use Classic, if you are above you need to upgrade to Pro or Studio.
  • with the FaceRig Pro DLC, you are allowed to monetize videos on YouTube/Twitch regardless of the monthly revenue, but not for content exclusive to subscription based services, such as the new YouTube Red (for content that is exclusive to YouTube Red you will need FaceRig Studio).
  • content created with FaceRig Classic that is made public is governed by the Creative Commons license, while content created with the Pro DLC can be made available under whatever license you see fit, as long as it's not being directly sold (see below for unrestricted commercial use - with FaceRig Studio).
FaceRig Pro does not bring new assets, technical features or improvements to FaceRig Classic. If you only want to use it for fun, with friends and family there is no reason why you would need the more expensive Pro DLC, except if you want to further support the FaceRig development effort.

Please read the EULA for additional details and exact legal terms, especially if you want to license it as a business and/or to use it for profit - http://store.steampowered.com/eula/274920_eula_1.

If you want unrestricted commercial use, such as the right to sell the content created with FaceRig, to use it for IRL live performances or to be allowed to gate access to the FaceRig generated content with admission tickets or subscriptions fees you will need to contact Holotech Studios directly via the contact form on facerig.com for a FaceRig Studio license.

Additionally, if you are looking to license FaceRig for unrestricted commercial use, or for other exotic uses (TV broadcast, chat service, marketing agency, birthday party entertainer), contact Holotech for a simplified personalized agreement tailored for your use-case at info[at]facerig[dot]com or via the contact form on Facerig.com . As a small to medium enterprise or an individual you may be eligible for unrestricted commercial use of the FaceRig output (including selling the generated video and audio content or gating them behind pay-walls) when you license and activate four or more FaceRig Pro seats, (and for large corporations same rule applies if you license and activate sixteen FaceRig Pro seats or more).
In order to also use the proprietary Live2D tech avatars for commercial streaming purposes, you can either contact Live2D Inc directly and directly ask for their permission ( if you only bought FaceRig Classic/Pro, but not Studio with Live2D), or purchase one of the above “Facerig Studio w/Live2D” licenses, as appropriate.

Note that you do not need the FaceRig Pro upgrade if you want to do a review or to report news about FaceRig. For this purpose any version of FaceRig may be used and the results may be posted on any public channel, monetized or not.

FaceRig Pro Upgrade

4 / 5

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Author: Holotech Studios

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