COOL-R offers a complete service which can be adjusted to your specific needs.
The service includes: overview of individual benefits for the customer, complete product offer, application of the coating by certified contractors, warranty and maintenance service.

Cooling & Waterproofing

Highly reflective waterproofing coating for roofs offers not only full water insulation, but it’s the only coating, that reduces roof temperature up to 70% and cools down interior of the building with up to 10 degrees Celsius.

This innovative solution offers significant money savings by increasing A/C efficiency and reducing energy consumption making it green sustainable solution. It extends the life of the roof and is guaranteed for 10 years.

Individual benefits

Our specialized team of experts prepares individual calculations for each facility where such key data as building structure, total heat gains and local climate are taken into account.

Thanks to the application of standardised calculations we can present:

  • current heat balance of a building,
  • financial savings of air-conditioning operation costs,
  • calculation of investment costs,
  • the scale of investment return

Certified Partners

The implementation of the Cool-R solution is performed by certified partner roofing companies. The process is supervised by our representative which guarantees proper application.

Warranty and service

We provide a full post-application service.
Depending on the type of building and its surrounding, we offer up to 10 years product guarantee.